Railex Handrails

The GRATING WORLD RAILEX® handrailing system is available in stainless steel and carbon steel and FRP (Composite). Stainless steel specifications are 32mm handrail tube and stanchions of 38mm tube or 50mm x 50mm angle; carbon steel specifications are 34mm handrail tube and 42mm stanchions.

Tube connectors are available in 90 degree bends, 45 degree bends, and as 90 degree and 45 degree closures (to connect end runs of upper and lower handrails).  Also available are wall plate fittings, kink bends, and off-sets.

Ball stanchions are floor (top) mount at 90 degrees (B-Tm90) and 45 degrees (B-Tm45), side-mount (B-Sm90), and goose-neck mount (B-GSm90). Ball stanchions may be ordered with handrail angles at up to 45 degrees.

Angle stanchions are available in top-mounted and side-mounted versions.

Finishes are:

Stainless Steel:  Pickled & Passivated,    180-Grit Polished
Carbon Steel:     Mill finished, Painted, Powder coated, Galvanised
FRP:                    Safety Yellow resin


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