About Us

GRATING WORLD is a member of a specialised equipment group which has provided solutions for engineers, architects, designers and end-users since 1956 … from minerals beneficiation, petrochemicals and chemicals, pulp and paper, foods and beverages, to construction.

GRATING WORLD is dedicated to being Southern Africa’s one-stop source for world-class solutions in access platforms, walkways, stairtreads, handrailing, flooring and steelwork in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel (3Cr12, 304, 316), Aluminium and Composites (FRP).

GRATING WORLD focuses on practical and aesthetic engineering design, with advanced technology and a wide product range, to provide you with cost-effective, value-engineered solutions.

GRATING WORLD has decades of valuable experience in design, fabrication and installation to offer off-the-shelf and customised solutions.

Our range of FRP Structural Products include all the shapes previously associated with steel sections, including I-Section, H-Section, C-Channel, Equal Angle, Unequal Angle, T-Section, Y-Section, Flat Plate, Flat Strip and Flat Strip Chamfered. Other profiles are Round Tube, Corrugated Round Tube, Square Tube, Rectangular Tube, Solid Round Rod, Solid Square Rod, Deck (with reinforced ribs under), Floor Plate, Kick Plate, Stair Nosing, Round Handrailing, Square Handrailing, Handrail Cover (to fit over square or rectangular tube), Cat Ladder, Water Grating, Round and Square Manhole Covers.

GRATING WORLD FRP Structural Products are generally manufactured of vinyl ester resin and glass roving using the pultrusion process (see below) that produces consistent, reliable quality and maximises glass fibre reinforcement. Isophthalic polyester and other resin types on request.

GRATING WORLD FRP Structural Products have a Class 1 fire retardance with an ASTM E-84 flame spread rating of 25 or less.

The advantages of FRP Structural Products are:

High strength    

Long life

Low maintenance

Chemical resistant

Corrosion resistant


Easily assembled

Dimensionally stable

Fire resistant       

R. F. transparent

Non-Conductive (Electrical)

Non-Conductive (Non-Magnetic)

Structural Products
have a multiplicity  of uses including:

Long span roof and wall beams

Primary building structures

Wall columns                            

Tank cover beams

Cooling tower structures 

Cable management systems

Structural Products
deliver significant end-user benefits of outstanding corrosion resistance and ease of use, resulting in substantial life-cycle cost savings.

Because FRP Structural Products will be new to many engineers and designers, GRATING WORLD has provided dimensions and mechanical properties. Guidelines to assist in the design of structural members including connection details will be provided on request.

Pultrusion is a continuous process in which resin and reinforcing materials form profiles of constant cross section in continuous length. Pultrusion gets its name from the method by which the profiles are made. Raw materials are literally pulled by a device with a drive system and pads which grip the roving.

The process starts with the reinforcements; typically, unidirectional glass roving that runs along the length of the profile. Fibreglass mat is added (the multidirectional reinforcement), then resin.

The glass is saturated with liquid resin (to which a catalyst/hardener has been added)  and pulled into a heated die where the curing takes place and the product changes from  liquid to a solid profile. The profile is then cut to the desired length.